EMH Derma Liquid

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Liquid concentrate for skin and coat

The skin is the mirror of internal health and requires special attention and care.

Therefore, EMH Derma liquid is not like other conventional mane and tail spray. It is particularly suitable for horses with skin irritations, itchiness and poorly healing wounds. All these conditions can turn into long-term problems. EMH Derma Liquid with added effective microorganisms can remedy those situations. EMH Derma Liquid creates a healthy skin environment which removes the breeding ground for harmful germs and fungi. Those effective microorganisms live off and transform the skin's "waste material". Produced substances will gently care for skin and coat. Thus, EMH Derma Liquid effectively supports the healing process and fast skin regeneration and will leave your horse with a shiny coat and supple skin.


With daily application, either sprayed or applied with a sponge, a long-lasting protective shield is built up. The skin becomes more resistant to external influences, and it will leave the coat with a silky sheen. With dry wounds and dry mud fever, to be applied directly to the affected areas. With general skin irritations and itching, to be applied daily and undiluted.

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