EMH Stable Hygiene

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Liquid concentrate for the stable

EMH Stable Hygiene ensures good air quality in your stable.

The effective microorganisms help to suppress negative microbes and positively change the microbial environment in the stable. Odours and ammonia gasses are actively stemmed and fly numbers reduced. Used regularly, EMH Stable Hygiene aids faster composting of the muck heap. By using EMH Stable Hygiene, the general well-being of your horse is sustainably improved since disease-causing germs are suppressed, and the entire pulmonary system is relieved.


Fill one part EMH Stable Hygiene into a spray bottle and top up with 4 parts of water. Spray manger, drinker, stable walls and bedding on a regular basis. Spray urination and defecation areas directly after EMH Stable hygiene can be sprayed on the stable floor after every muck out.

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