Combi Pellets

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Feed supplement for horses

With Combi Pellets, you fill any nutrient gap you might encounter when feeding only oats, and at the same time, you protect your horse from the consequences of a protein overload.

Moderate energy, little protein, high levels of vitamins and a very favourable calcium/phosphorus balance make this pelleted mixed feed a really practical, high-value feed, and an ideal addition to a diet based on oats and hay. By feeding a combination of oats and Combi Pellets, your horse will get all the benefits of oats, and at the same time, it will get all the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements which it cannot get from oats alone. Due to their exceptional compatibility and palatability, Combi Pellets are well suited for use in horses of all breeds and levels of work.
The benefits at a glance:
- optimal addition to an oat& hay based diet
- high contents of vitamins and trace elements
- balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio
- protein reduced
- oat-free

65,4 g/kg digestible protein
9,0 MJ/kg digestible energy

Feeding recommendation

Light to medium work: 300 - 500g per 100 kg body weight and day. With smaller quantities, we recommend adding a mineral supplement.

Horses with teeth problems, hasty eaters, and older horses should receive soaked pellets, if necessary.

subject to changes
Oat bran 39,3 %
Wheat bran 25,0 %
sugarbeet pulp pellets 10,0 %
Sugar cane molasses 8,0 %
Lucerne meal 7,5 %
Barley 4,0 %
Calcium carbonate 2,6 %
Maize 2,0 %
Sodium chloride 0,8 %
Crude protein 9,20 %
Crude oils and fats 2,70 %
Crude fibre 16,20 %
Crude ash 10,00 %
Calcium 1,60 %
Phosphorus 0,45 %
Sodium 0,35 %
Magnesium 0,20 %
Nutritional additives
Vitamin A (3a672a) 30.000,00 I.E.
Vitamin D3 (3a671) 2.000,00 I.E.
Vitamin E (3a700) 250,00 mg
Vitamin C (3a312) 60,00 mg
Vitamin B1 (3a821) 3,00 mg
Vitamin B2 as riboflavin 4,00 mg
Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride (3a831) 2,00 mg
Vitamin B12 as Vitamin B12 preparation 30,00 mcg
Niacin (3a314) 30,00 mg
Calcium-D-Pantothenate (3a841) 20,00 mg
Biotin (3a880) 600,00 mcg
Folic acid (3a316) 3,00 mg
Cholin Chloride (3a890) 100,00 mg
Iron (3b103) (ferrous sulphate, monohydrate (II)) 40,00 mg
Manganese (3b502) (manganese(II)oxide) 64,00 mg
Zinc oxide (3b603) 100,00 mg
Copper (E 4) (copper sulphate, pentahydrate (II)) 16,00 mg
Selenium (E 8) (sodium selenite) 0,36 mg
Calcium iodate, anhydrous (3b202) 0,80 mg
Coated cobalt(II)carbonate-granules (3b304) 0,20 mg