Feed supplement for horses and ponies

EMH Senior Muesli is an innovative special mix enriched with EMH, optimally composed to take into the account the special nutritional requirements of older horses and of those in times of regeneration.

The nutritional requirements of our horses can as they get older. As the need for high-quality vital substances, like essential amino acids and trace elements rises. If these requirements are not met, this can lead to problems with the coat change, increased susceptibility to infections, but also weight loss and loss of appetite. For this reason, we have continued to optimise the composition of out EMG Senior Muesli according to the latest research. High-quality amino acids support the maintenance and development of the muscular system, as well as body substance. In combination with higher levels of zinc, copper, manganese and selenium, partially as organic compounds, your horse's immune system can regenerate much faster. That way, existing deficits can be balanced and age-related deficiency symptoms prevented. By using EMH Senior Muesli, the availability of nutrients and active ingredients is improved and therefore the overall utilisation of the feed is optimised. With the formation of a protective barrier in the digestive tract and stimulation of the local immune system in the gut, all immune functions of the body are stabilised. With only small feed quantities, this muesli provides all necessary nutrients. The preserved structure promotes the chewing behaviour, an improved insalivation of the feed, and therefore for optimal digestion and feed conversion.
The benefits at a glance:
- for the prevention of age-related loss of condition
- promotes the chewing behaviour and improves insalivation of the feed
- appetising effect
- with high-quality vital substances, stimulates the immune system
- the nutrient composition is specially tailored to the needs of older horses

77,0 g / kg digestible protein 11,1 MJ / kg digestible energy

Barley (flaked) 37,0 %
Maize (flaked) 30,2 %
Peas (flaked) 6,2 %
Sugar cane molasses 4,3 %
Oat peel bran 3,4 %
Lucerne meal 3,3 %
Wheat bran 3,2 %
Chopped carob 2,0 %
Alfalfa hay (dried) 2,0 %
Calcium carbonate 1,6 %
Dicalcium phosphate 1,5 %
Dried molasses 1,3 %
Sodium chloride 0,7 %
Maize 0,6 %
Fermented plant extract (EMH) 0,6 %
Barley 0,4 %
Magnesium oxide 0,3 %
Brewer’s grains dried 0,1 %
Sunflower extraction meal 0,1 %
Fruit (apple) pomace dried 0,1 %
Crude protein 10,50 %
Raw fat 2,60 %
Crude fibre 6,00 %
Crude ash 7,30 %
Calcium 1,20 %
Phosphorus 0,60 %
Sodium 0,30 %
Magnesium 0,25 %
Lysine 0,45 %
Methionine 0,20 %
Starch 42,40 %
Sugar 4,40 %
Vitamin A (3a672a) EZ 40.000,00 I.E.
Vitamin D3 (3a671) EZ 2.200,00 I.E.
Vitamin E (3a700) EZ 580,00 mg
Vitamin C (3a312) EZ 100,00 mg
Vitamin B1 (3a821) EZ 20,00 mg
Vitamin B2 (3a825i) EZ 13,00 mg
Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride (3a831) EZ 13,00 mg
Vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin EZ 95,00 mcg
Niacin (3a314) EZ 50,00 mg
Calcium D pantothenate (3a841) EZ 29,00 mg
Biotin (3a880) EZ 840,00 mcg
Folic acid (3a316) EZ 7,00 mg
Choline chloride (3a890) EZ 80,00 mg
Iron (3b103) (iron (II) sulphate, monohydrate) EZ 90,00 mg
Manganese (3b502) (manganese (II) oxide) EZ 98,00 mg
Manganese (3b504) amino acid manganese chelate, hydrate EZ 12,00 mg
Zinc oxide (3b603) EZ 145,00 mg
Glycine-zinc chelate hydrate (3b607) EZ 20,00 mg
Copper (3b405) (copper (II) sulphate, pentahydrite) EZ 50,00 mg
Copper (3b406) copper (II) - amino acid chelate, hydrate EZ 10,00 mg
Selenium (3b801) (sodium selenite) EZ 0,90 mg
Calcium iodate, anhydrous (3b202) EZ 1,20 mg
L-lysine monohydrochloride, techn. pure (3.2.3) EZ 88,00 mg
DL-methionine, techn. pure (3c301) EZ 445,00 mg
Subject to change


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