A structure rich and nutritionally effective mixture of flakes based on valuable energy sources for stud, sport and leisure horses.

The special effect of live yeast

Yeast has been used for thousands of years in human nutrition. The probiotic effect is scientifically proven. In particular, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is, as a source of vitamins of the B-complex, of importance. Hardly anyone knows that these yeasts not only contain 20 amino acids which, for example, ensure felxible and strong muscles, but also twelve bulk and trace elements. The live yeast Yea-Sacc® 1026 supports the biotic digestion in the caesium and colon. Here, nutrients are made easily available by forming increased numbers of bacteria, which stabilise the pH value. These bacteria use the available lactic acid and thereby prevent the hyperacidity of the digestive tract. By adding the yeast to the feed, bacteria, promoting fibre decomposition, are also supported. Recent studies show that by feeding live yeast, the gut flora is stimulated, thereby significantly raising the utilisation of essential active ingredients and minerals.

Rich in essential fatty acids

Important suppliers of energy, barley and maize flakes, as well as milk thistle oil, have a stimulating effect on the metabolism of the horse, without burdening the protein balance. Sunflower seeds provide structurally bound vegetable oils, lecithin and secondary plant substances. Struktur Equichamp offers a mixture of valuable ingredients which will contribute with their natural vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids essential to your horse's health maintenance.

Relief of the digestive tract

Particularly good results are also achieved with lean horses. By optimising the availability of nutrients with the yeast, the overall feed ration is nutritionally enhanced. Excessive hard feed rations can be avoided, and the digestive tract is relieved in two ways - by the smaller meal volume and by the positive effects of the yeast. The horse gains weight faster and, above all, does this in a gentle and controlled way. Many of our customers use Struktur Equichamp also for limited periods of time – in times of additional stress due to training or competition, typical colic months in winter, or as a targeted application to relieve the gut and prevent digestive disorders. A feeding period of at least six weeks should be kept to achieve an optimal result. A continuous use of Struktur Equichamp is especially recommended for horses which are prone to colic. In practice, it has been found that nervous horses also benefit from being fed Struktur Equichamp. Satisfied customers report that their horses are much calmer and easier to handle. We attribute this to the improved availability of the nutrients due to the live yeast in the feed.

Optimal balance

Struktur Equichamp is carefully balanced with vitamins, minerals and trace elements which provides a fully balanced daily feed ration of only 1 kg per day.

The benefits at a glance:
- with life yeast Yea Sacc® 1026 to support the digestion
- high Vitamin B content
- supports the weight gain in lean horses
- ideal for horses prone to colic and ulcers
- supports the feed intake in stress situations

48,4 g/kg digestible protein 11,6 MJ/kg digestible energy

Barley (flaked)20,0 %
Maize (flaked)16,4 %
dried fruit (apple) pomace15,0 %
Maize10,3 %
Lucerne hay (dried)6,0 %
Sugar cane molasses5,7 %
Oat bran4,4 %
Milk thistle oil4,0 %
Lucerne meal2,7 %
Wheat bran2,5 %
Calcium carbonate2,0 %
sugarbeet pulp pellets1,9 %
chopped carob1,9 %
Sunflower seeds1,6 %
Carrots (dried)1,2 %
Dicalcium phosphate1,2 %
Sodium chloride0,6 %
Fermented plant extract (EMH)0,6 %
Magnesium oxide0,2 %
dried brewer´s grain0,1 %
Brewers yeast0,1 %
Crude protein8,40 %
Crude fat7,10 %
Crude fibre9,70 %
Crude ash7,40 %
Calcium1,30 %
Phosphorus0,45 %
Sodium0,25 %
Magnesium0,20 %
Starch22,30 %
Sugar6,50 %
Vitamin A (3a672a)37.000,00 I.E.
Vitamin D3 (3a671)2.200,00 I.E.
Vitamin E (3a700)550,00 mg
Vitamin C (3a312)94,00 mg
Vitamin B1 (3a821)10,00 mg
Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride (3a831)9,00 mg
Vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin50,00 mcg
Biotin (3a880)825,00 mcg
Niacin (3a314)50,00 mg
Calcium-D-Pantothenate (3a841)35,00 mg
Folic acid (3a316)5,50 mg
Cholin Chloride (3a890)180,00 mg
Iron (3b103) (ferrous sulphate, monohydrate (II))80,00 mg
Manganese (3b502) (manganese(II)oxide)100,00 mg
Zinc oxide (3b603)150,00 mg
Copper (3b405) (copper sulphate, pentahydrate (II))25,00 mg
Selenium (3b801) (sodium selenite)0,50 mg
Calcium iodate, anhydrous (3b202)1,40 mg
Diatomaceous earth (E 551c)500,00 mg
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1026 (Yea-Sacc) CBS493.94 (4a1704)2,00x10(9) KBE
Vitamin B2 as riboflavin10,00 mg
Subject to change


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