Single feed material

The advantages of this type of barley, mainly used in equine nutrition in the orient, have been known for a long time:

In comparison to oats, barley has the advantage of a higher level of energy. As with maize, the advantages of barley can only be fully used when hydrothermally treated. Flaked Barley flakes can be used as a valuable basis for your own individual feed mix, or to enrich your usual hard feed ration. Less is sometimes more: replace 1 kg oats with 0.9kg of barley to achieve a comparable level of energy.

74,2 g/kg digestible protein 12,0 MJ/kg digestible energy

Crude protein10,60 %
Crude fat2,00 %
Crude fibre5,00 %
Crude ash2,50 %
Calcium0,07 %
Phosphorus0,35 %
Starch52,8 %
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