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Feeding maize to horses has the same importance in the USA as feeding oats has here, and with good reason:

One of its advantages is that it has a higher energy content than oats, with simultaneously smaller quantities of protein. An undisputable disadvantage of maize is, however, its hard structure, which results in insufficient chewing and, therefore, insufficient digestion of the valuable nutrients. However, if maize is treated hydrothermally, the created maize flakes clearly show the benefits in the horse feed: with the flaking, the digestibility and tolerance is considerably higher, and the taste is significantly improved. Use Maize Flakes to enrich your usual hard feed, or as a valuable basis for your own individual mixed feed. By the way: 0.8 kg maize replace the energy values of about 1 kg oats.

59,0 g / kg digestible protein 13,1 MJ / kg digestible energy

Crude protein 8,50 %
Raw fat 3,00 %
Crude fibre 1,80 %
Crude ash 1,00 %
Calcium 0,03 %
Phosphorus 0,30 %
Starch 61,6 %
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