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Oats remain the cereal which is easiest to digest for our horses.

The starches present are very well digested in the small intestine. Oats contain high levels of mucilage which promote digestion, many unsaturated fatty acids and the essential amino acids lysine and methionine. Another advantage is the high level of husks. Due to the structure, oats are properly chewed by horses, and therefore well mixed with saliva. This, in turn, has a positive influence on the digestion process. However, oats have a very bad calcium/phosphorus ratio. They contain small amounts of calcium and large amounts of phosphorus, and it becomes necessary to correct this ratio with a suitable mineral supplement. With the heat treatment during the rolling process, the fat-splitting enzymes are deactivated and the grains stabilised. The disadvantageous effects such as mould or rancid fats which can occur during standard crushing processes are eliminated in hydrothermally treated rolled oats. With the improved shelf-life, our rolled oats are combined with small amounts of molasses.

84,0 g / kg digestible protein 11,6 MJ / kg digestible energy

Oats (flaked) 97 %
Sugar cane molasses 3 %
Crude protein 10,60 %
Raw fat 4,50 %
Crude fibre 9,70 %
Crude ash 3,00 %
Calcium 0,10 %
Phosphorus 0,30 %
Starch 38,0 %
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