crude fibre concentrate

Profi DarmFit contains natural cellular structures to support the digestion and reduce faecal water. With the supporting effect of brewer's yeast as a premium natural supply of vitamin B

Profi DarmFit is a raw fibre concentrate with insoluble fibrous components based on lignocellulose, which forms a network structure in the digestive tract to break up the digested food. This makes it considerably easier for digestive enzymes and microorganisms to penetrate the food and perform to ensure stable digestive processes. Profi DarmFit may stabilise the pH in the gastrointestinal tract, help to prevent incorrect fermentation, and support the physiological water re-absorption, especially in the large intestine. Thereby, the stool consistency may be significantly improved, reducing faecal water. Added brewer's years stabilises the sensitive intestinal flora of the horse and provides intact defense mechanisms as well as a strong immune system.
The benefits at a glance:
• low dosage
• with natural cell structures
• may support the prevention of faecal water
• high fibre content
• may stabilise the digestive processes

Lignocellulose70,00 %
dried fruit (apple) pomace15,00 %
Grape seed powder8,00 %
dried carrot pomace5,00 %
dried brewer´s grain1,2 %
Brewers yeast0,8 %
Crude protein3,00 %
Crude fat1,40 %
Crude fibre52,00 %
Crude ash1,50 %
Subject to change


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